Hi my name is Charlie. I am a Senior in college, but I will not be graduating in December or May, I have changed my major too many times! I am still unsure about what I want to do with my life. I think it will definitely involve animals in some way and communication, and that’s exactly where my major stems from, Ag Communication.

I grew up on an alpaca ranch in the small town of Clearmont Wy. To give you an idea of how small…I graduated with a class of six, girls. It really wasn’t as bad as you are thinking. My town didn’t even have a town cop…yeah.

My boyfriend and I

Other than that my life consists of my boyfriend, work, school, a few camping trips, and some crafts here and there. Oh! I also own a very fat, oops I mean fluffy, cat, and a dog with anxiety issues.

My cat Mittens and I

My mom, her little dog Bandit. Me and my dog Desta.



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