A Christmas video

on December 17, 2014

KC and I first thought about filming skiers. But with the Christmas season so close we thought asking people what Christmas meant to them would make a cuter idea.

I enjoyed the whole experience of making this video. I thought it was such a fun idea. Driving around and looking at lights on the houses was my favorite part. Some people go all out! I did not like asking random people what Christmas meant to them. Some people looked at us like we were psycho, but others were very nice. I also did not like making people feel uncomfortable about recording them. After KC and I explained to them what we were doing though, the interviewees seemed to become more comfortable. They were most relieved when we told them that they did not have to look at the camera, but that they could look at me so it felt like they were just talking to a person.

I was surprised at how easy it was to get B roll that, was somewhat interesting. I wish instead of driving throughout the video that we would have also walked to maybe get a different view. In the future I think it would be great to switch roles and be the person to film and the one to edit.

In my future career I see myself using video as a tool to promote the business. I think I would also use it to show the boss a skill that I have, to maybe put myself above other employees.

KC did a wonderful job recording and editing the video together. I really enjoyed this assignment.


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