First Tweeting Experience EVER

on December 3, 2014

For this assignment I had to live tweet an event of my picking. I never go to basketball games and my boyfriend loves to watch…so I tweeted about the UW cowboy basketball game last night.

I enjoyed just going to the event, because actually basketball is not too boring to watch and it is inside so I can stay warm! While tweeting though, I liked the small rush I got while trying to type fast enough before that moment passed and another one has already happened. I did not enjoy missing those other moments. I also did not enjoy not knowing the lingo of basketball, nor not knowing the all the names of the players.

I learned a lot! First I learned how to tweet in general, I had to ask a friend. I mean it is pretty self-explanatory but I still asked. I also learned about the whole hash-tag thing, which is not my favorite thing. It may grown on me later but right now I find hash-tags kind of annoying. I found it surprising that as the game went on it became easier to watch the game and still pick out points that were interesting enough to tweet.

I wish I would have sat somewhere else. It was not too great of a view, but I was still able to see. I just made it easier to miss some of the ‘tweetable’ moments.

In my future career I see myself connecting with different audiences through social media. I will want to grab all of the audiences and therefore I will need to know what social media they are using.

At first I thought this assignment was going to be somewhat difficult. But after I got into it I liked the thought of sending out my thoughts as a tweet, for others to see.


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