Small Business Saturday project

on November 20, 2014

For this assignment we were to work with a partner and report on an event that we found interesting. KC and I chose the Small Business Saturday event that happens on Nov. 29. For this we interviewed three people. We started with Trey Sherwood, who explained the over arching idea of Small Business Saturday. We then interviewed Audrey Jansen at Sweets Cakes & Pastry to get a view from a local small business. Last but not least we interviewed John Schutterle at Big Dipper Ice Cream Shop to get a second view from a local small business.

I asked the small business interviewees simple questions like what got their businesses started and if they were doing anything special for Small Business Saturday. While I asked questions KC strolled around and took pictures to represent what was being said in the interview. I think doing the interview and taking pictures at the same time made it easier for this pictures and audio to match in the final project.

I did the interviewing, so my SoundSlides experience was limited. Although, I did learn from the last audio editing and so my experience with audacity was more pleasant this time.

We had one struggle when meeting up with one interviewee. They were late but luckily we had their number on hand and were still able to meet up. I also had another struggle with not being able to have my partner at one of the interviews, but she came and took pictures on a different day, so it worked out.

I think this project went very well and was easy to plan. Therefore I do not think I would change anything. Doing this project made me more aware of the Small Business Saturday event, which also lead to me getting the Big Dipper Ice Cream shop more involved. I think that is a great positive from this assignment.


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