The Dreaded Edited Audio

on November 4, 2014

This recording is a story from KC and her friend Natasha. Editing this was insanely hard for me, and this is the best I can do. I hope you all enjoy it, and think it is funny too.

During my editing, I became very aggravated at trying to make the transitions smooth. I thought it was hard because matching low with low volume sometimes did not work well with the words. So when I would cut a piece of the audio and paste it in another section the voice goes from soft to loud or loud to soft, and that makes the cut heard. Also editing five minutes down to two was difficult for me. I had this experience because I felt as though I could not edit out anymore words or breaths without taking away the plot of the story.

Even though this was really tough for me, I really enjoyed the experience. It was cool to hear some transitions go so well together, almost like it was originally said that way. But like I stated before, I did not enjoy being unable to make smooth transitions. However, I enjoyed trying to find certain words to input to make my edited story make sense to the listener.

It surprised me at how annoying background noise is! And also how the reporter may not notice it until it has been recorded. Although, I am sure a more skilled journalist is used to scanning for background noise instead of just ignoring it. And again I was also surprised at how difficult the editing was for me.

I wish I would have told the interviewees not to interrupt each other. That would have made making transitions easier. I also wish that the story was more on track. I should have done the recording a few more times to ensure that I had what I wanted.

In general I really enjoyed the experience of this assignment. I think more experience with Audacity would make the editing easier.


One response to “The Dreaded Edited Audio

  1. You did a GREAT job! Very fun.


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