Raw Audio

on October 30, 2014

The following 5 minute story is amusing and yet has an eerie feeling. I think that feeling goes well with our creepy holiday coming up. Hopefully you find it as entertaining as I did.

This story is told by KC and her friend Natasha, titled “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

During the interview I felt at ease, mostly because KC and I are friends. Although it was not awkward it did feel a little unusual, because with the audio recorder the conversation did not feel natural. When I say natural I mean it did not feel like a regular friend to friend story, it actually felt like an interview. Again, I think this feeling is because the story was being recorded. Like when people realize they are on T.V. and they start acting a little differently, well kinda like that feeling. I believe that is why I did not say anything during the story. Also because I did not want to run out of time.

I did not feel any different while I was being interviewed. The only thing I changed was how long I told the story to make sure I was not over or under time.

I enjoyed being able to tell a story, that I think is hilarious, that other people I do not know might hear one day. I think that is what most people enjoy when telling their story. They hope that one day someone else will hear it. During the interviewing process I did not enjoy having to worry about how long the story was taking. I also did not like worrying about how loud the voice recording might be. Although, I am assuming those are things a journalist would become more comfortable with.

I wish that during the time I was interviewing I would have been more comfortable with the time limit. That way I would have felt that I could ask a question here and there.

I think audio is interesting and I like the fact that the listener gets to hear from the actual person who lived the story. Putting pictures with this recording would be really fun.


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