An Inexperienced Photojournalist

on October 16, 2014

Taking photos of people I do not know, is defiantly beyond the limits of my comfort zone. Photos to me are very personal and reveal more about a person than writing ever could. With that, here are five revealing photos of people that I met for the first time.

Photo #1 ~ Sports Action


On a beautiful fall day Kasten Sorencen (left), Marvin Norena (middle) and Adam Sorencen (right) play a game of 21 in Washington Park, to see who is the better basketball player.

I titled this photo “The Race” and placed it into the sports action category. I came across this game of basketball while walking my dog through the park. Deciding weather or not to ask these guys if it would be okay to take pictures of them was the hardest part for me. I felt extremely awkward to be interrupting their game. After the fact, it was fine and they really did not mind. I was able to capture this photo at Washington Park. It was a very warm but windy day, during this game of 21. Like I said before, I did feel awkward at the beginning. But, after I started taking pictures that feeling subsided just a little. Other than that, taking this photo was fairly easy. A creative device I ‘accidentally’ used in this photo could be balancing.

Photo #2 ~ Feature


While I was relaxing at work, The Big Dipper, Colter Sheets finished his ice cream and was having fun chasing his shadow.

The title of this photo is “Chasing My Shadow” and is placed in the feature category. I came across this photo opportunity while I was at work. Taking pictures of Colter did not feel at all awkward because I know for a fact that he would never judge me, he is incapable of doing so at his age. Getting this shot was kind of difficult because Colter was running around. Holding myself still enough while getting him in the photo took some time. I used rule of thirds in this photo. There could also be balancing elements here.

Photo #3 ~ Sports Action


On a warm day in Washington Park, Ramie, Delio, Andrew and Ian play a mixture of football and soccer after a long day of school.

 I titled this photo “A Brand New Game” and put it in the sports action category. Once again while I was walking my dog in her favorite park, I came across these children playing a mixture of football and soccer. As I snapped photos of their invented game I found it to be fun. It was almost liking watching my little brothers play in school sports. So during this situation I felt at ease. After I had taken enough pictures I asked for the kid’s names and they were willing but did not want to give last names. Getting a good picture while they were playing was actually difficult because I’d either cut a person out or I would end up getting a picture of them after the action happened. I used rule of thirds in this photo.

Photo #4 ~ Feature


Barylon Sheets sits in amazement of his ice cream, at Big Dipper, after getting a ‘free scoop’ certificate from the eye doctor.

I titled this photo “Wow” and placed it in the feature category. I came across this photo while at work. I felt a little weird while taking these photos because his mom was watching. Although after talking to her she did not seem to mind at all. Acquiring this shot was not difficult. Barylon was so engaged with his ice cream that he did not even notice me holding the camera like right in his face. For this photo I used focus as a creative device.

Photo #5 ~ Feature


While feeding his baby, T.J. Russel, and Lam soak up the sun in Washington park.

I titled this photo “Baby Love” and placed it into the feature category. For one last time I came across this photo at Washington Park, yes again while walking my dog. She just loves the park. Anyways, this was one of the first situations I photographed and it felt very awkward. I almost felt like I was invading his space. I asked permission before I took the photo so I knew he was okay with it, but it was just weird. It was a little difficult getting this photo because the sun was so bright and a lot of the photos were washed out. I used focus as a creative device.


Throughout this assignment I found it surprising that everyone I asked did not mind that I asked to take their photo. I wish I would have been able to photograph an event, but that is difficult for me since most of my time is between work and school. I also wish that I would have thought more about the use of creative devices. Using them would have made for better photos.

All around this assignment gave me a new experience. Even though I did feel awkward I think I could get past that feeling and end up enjoying photojournalism.


One response to “An Inexperienced Photojournalist

  1. I love the picture of the little boy chasing his photo. Good job on all of them. As a person who gets asked to have my picture taken a lot at shows and events, I can tell you that for my personal picture I never say no, but it is nice to be asked before people take a picture of the products I work so hard to produce. Just a comment to think about….


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