Laramie Downtown Main Street Alliance

on October 1, 2014

Farmers Market. Brew Fest. Business Referrals. Jubilee Days. Letters of Support. Confidential Business Coaching. Mural Project.

The above list shows the commitment the Laramie Downtown Main Street Alliance and Trey Sherwood, executive director, have in making positive contributions to Downtown Laramie.

The mission statement from the organization brings into picture the goals that are planned for the future: “Laramie Main Street Alliance strives to preserve historic Downtown Laramie while enhancing its economic and social vitality.”

What is the Main Street Alliance?

Laramie MSA banner

Photo Courtesy of: Laramie Main Street home page

Main Street Alliance is a national non-profit organization. For Laramie to become involved with the program, the city and businesses had to establish an active board of members and four standing committees that are made up of volunteers.

The organization works to revitalize the community, health of businesses, care of the buildings and promotion of the downtown.

In 2005, the organization was brought to Laramie. Laramie Downtown Main Street Alliance has since proven its support of the downtown and will celebrate its tenth anniversary this coming March.

Trey Sherwood

Sherwood is the executive director of the Laramie Main Street Alliance. She is the cheerleader and voice  for Downtown Laramie.


Photo Courtesy of: Sherwood’s Facebook

Along with the tenth anniversary, Sherwood will be celebrating her fifth year with the organization. Sherwood did not go looking for this job, the job found her. The previous executive director told her that she had the personality, so she jumped in and has been there since.

“It’s exciting to me that the work I am doing will make a difference down the road,” Sherwood said.

Her personality is also what gets things done and that aspect makes her respected and trusted by all the people she works with day to day.

Interacting with the community or celebrating a success with a business, to name a few, are what she enjoys the most about her job. She also likes the social media.

“The social media piece is interesting. I approach it as a conversation piece with our audience,” she said.

Each day is new and a challenge, that element fits perfectly with her personality. A day for her could include accounting, bookkeeping, business coaching, helping volunteers and the board set long term goals, be a cheerleader for downtown and sit in on a lot of meetings to make sure the communication between her and the community is open.

Laramie Downtown Main Street Alliance and Trey

Even though the organization has been around for ten years now, Sherwood continues to bring the organization to its full potential.

“She brings honest, passion to the job,” Jerry Schmidt, vice chair of the board, said. “When things don’t go well she hurts personally because of it, but when they do go well she can’t keep the tears out of her eyes. She just has a way of putting her heart and soul into her job and doing it in a professional way.”

mural 2

Photo Courtesy of: Laramie Mural Project, Pinterest Grainery Grove mural

The commitment Sherwood has given to the organization is exhibited by the award the Laramie Main Street Alliance recently won. The national organization recognizes them as program of the year. They were chosen because of the progress in design and fundraising.

As a non-profit organization they have to be mindful about going after money. Their successful fundraising is do to their ability to diversify the pots of money; the organization does not go to the same person or businesses over and over again.

Schmidt would like to see Downtown Laramie on the list of what people want to see and visit. He credits Sherwood as bringing that to reality by putting into action the improvements they were awarded for.

“I think what we’re building here is the synergy,” said Schmidt. Which means when two or more elements are combined they produce a total effect greater than the sum of all the individual elements. This synergy draws people to Downtown Laramie.

With the help of Sherwood’s energy and creative, fun ideas, Downtown Laramie is beginning to thrive or have that synergy. Contributing to the synergy is how Sherwood makes people feel like she wants them to have success. This makes people feel like they are a meaningful part of the community. This pleasure she gives them is also what she gets out of the people.

“They wake up and have a dream. Whatever they want, they are fueled by that passion and I think that is really contagious,” Sherwood said smiling.

Because of this passion, it makes Sherwood have a positive outlook everyday. If a business needs help, her positive, honest and goal oriented attitude shows the owner that they can trust her word. When she makes a plan with someone she follows through on it.

“Trey is so infectious,” Joan Martindale, Martindale’s store owner, said. Sherwood helped Martindale with her stores Facebook page, and bringing people into the store by making them more aware. She likes working with Sherwood because she gets things done and that makes the tasks non-frustrating.

Sherwood openly communicates with everyone she works with. This gives her the honest, positive attitude everyone loves. The demeanor Sherwood has, has kept the organization positive, alive and businesses involved.


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