My News Diet

on September 10, 2014

On days I have nothing to do, which is hardly ever, I read my ‘usual’. This includes Facebook, Pintrest, and whatever book I have picked up. My family and friends are also great updaters of drama and such. One of my roommates that likes to update me on the world drama watches some type of ‘comedy political’ show. I always listen to him but I don’t think that type of news is always trust worthy. I guess this type of entertainment could be informative but I really think it is slanted and doesn’t portray both sides.

During my college career I have found that news makes me depressed, and so until recently I have stayed away from it. Although, when I changed my major I  had to become interested in news. I do not mnewspaper headlines showing bad news, recession related Stock Photo - 9938577ean to imply that this is a bad habit. In my opinion it seems that media delivers a lot of ‘bad’ news. It always seems that I really have to search for ‘good’ news, or news that relates to traveling, animals or other alike topics.

The topics I like include articles such as “Why We Travel” or “Potentially habitable planet detected around nearby star“. I associate these types of articles with ‘good’ news.Theses are types of articles that I feel are unbiased. I think political news is where bias comes into play.

Recently I have downloaded a news app on my phone, News Republic. So far this is the only news media that I have really gotten into. I like this app because it relates my interests, to other stories I may like based off what I have read before. How wonderful?! I am not into politics, although sometimes they are juicy, and this app will edit out those stories that I am not interested in.

When I get to talking about news in general, I like to talk to my boyfriend. Mostly because he agrees with my type of thinking, and he also has positive input, although we do disagree once in a while. Some of my family members become offended when I talk to them about what’s going on in the world.

With the changing of my major, I believe I need to branch out and read different news outlets. I think this should include CNN, New York Times, and NPR. With these new branches, I can educate myself on the dreaded politics and other alike topics. I may not always agree with CNN’s point of view, and the NPR station might only be played in long car rides, when there is absolutely no other radio station, but they still count, right?

Educating myself in new topics could be fun! So maybe the ‘bad’ news can be ‘good’, and potentially less depressing than I remember.



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